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Learning Specialist

Donna Glaser Orloff, MS,CCC,SLP

Founder & President, Speech Pathology/Therapy


Speech and Language pathology first captivated me as a freshman in college and continues to fuel my passion and enthusiasm after the many years that I have been in practice and over 3,000 individuals I have treated. I am constantly impressed, excited and fascinated by the vast range of opportunities in the field, new and evolving techniques and approaches and the potential for me to make such a real difference as I deal with a wide variety of communication and learning difficulties. My personal journey has included experience in pediatric and adult rehabilitation at superb institutions including Lenox Hill Hospital, St. Vincent's Hospital and as Director of the Speech Department at the Children's Unit of St. Agnes Hospital. I have also taught and supervised for many years at The College of New Rochelle, Pace University and Teachers College-Columbia University. Interacting with students, patients and their families, schools and other medical professionals continues to be as exciting today as it was when I first started.                     

         I created the Full Potential Resource Center in 1989 in response to the need I observed for a comprehensive approach to speech, language and learning development. My center is a place where children and adults can receive a variety of services, from handpicked experts, that are in alignment with their needs and provides a sensitive, sophisticated, and customized program to achieving goals that improve quality of life. The Full Potential Resource Center is a thriving practice characterized by our spirit of warmth and professionalism and the belief that we can help anyone achieve their full potential.  It is a genuine privilege and, in fact, my greatest joy, to be entrusted with a child or by an adult and to bring my experience, commitment and compassion to a situation that will result in positively changing someone’s life forever. The Full Potential Resource Center has truly provided me with opportunity to pursue my dreams and to enjoy a gift that I can cherish every day.









"We are in this together"

Language Pathology
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