Services include individualized assessment and treatment of the following:


*  Speech & Language  Delays

*  Articulation & Phonological Disorders        

*  Voice & Fluency Problems

*  Oral-Motor Deficits

*  Auditory Processing

*  Organization & Study Skills 

*  Executive Function Difficulties

*  Reading Problems

*  Learning Difficulties

*  Writing Skills

*  Socialization Problems



Speech Disorders:

    *Delayed speech development

     *Articulation and Phonological Disorder

     *Tongue Thrust

     *Dysfluency (Stuttering)

     *Voice Disorders (Vocal Nodules; Hoarseness)

     *Oral-Motor Deficits


Language Disorders:

     *Language Based Learning Disorders

     *Learning Disabilities

     *Auditory Processing Disorders

     *Writing Difficulties

     *Developmental Language Delays (processing and expressive language delays)


Cognitive-Linguistic Disorders:

     *Executive Function (Memory;Organization;Time Management)

     *Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning, Critical Thinking Skills

     *Higher Order, Abstract/Figurative Language

     *Study Skills


Social Language and Pragmatics Difficulties:

     *Interactive Use Of Language

     *Social Interaction and Socialization Skills


Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia:

     *Pre-Reading and Literacy Skills


     *Reading Comprehension



      Comprehensive clinical assessments of speech,language,reading, and learning, including standardized testing and clinical observations, leading to the development of therapy goals and recommendations.



      Personalized, individualized, hands-on therapy to address established goals.



      Carefully selected groupings of children to address Speech, Language and Social Pragmatic challenges.    


Family and Parent Support:

       Offered in both individual and group settings.


Screenings, School Observations and Teacher Collaboration and Coordination:

       To facilitate children's classroom success.


Consultative Services:

        Offered to families and schools to establish and reinforce therapy goals in actual functional environment. 



        Ongoing workshops and programs for parents, caregivers, and other professionals with a range of topics including CPR,

educational enrichment, and school readiness.