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Welcome to the

Full Potential Resource Center

A Comprehensive Private Speech and Language Pathology Center focused

on your family's developmental and educational needs.



The Full Potential Resource Center, established in New York City in 1989, is a full service private, Speech Pathology practice offering personalized diagnosis, remediation, and guidance to adults, children, and their families.  Under the directorship and supervision of Donna G. Orloff, a highly skilled, carefully chosen staff of Speech and Language Pathologists and Learning Specialists evaluates and treats every client's unique needs. Through a caring and supportive environment we consistently demonstrate that "we are in this together."




    Thank you for visiting the Full Potential Resource Center.  Researching and investigating speech and language services for your child may be your first step in trying to determine if some aspects of your child’s development are

“on track.”  I applaud you for taking the initiative to begin this journey and best serve your child and your family.

    For many parents, there is that gnawing feeling that something is just not right or perhaps your child’s pediatrician or school has alerted you to a possible concern. Realizing and acknowledging that your child may need an evaluation and remediation can be very unsettling and it certainly takes courage to begin the exploration process of learning more and reviewing 

relevant information. The Full Potential Resource Center is here as a guide and resource to provide you with the

expertise in helping to determine the best approach and program of care for your child. If you feel your child’s development of speech, language, listening, social interaction or overall “communication” is not exactly what it should be, I sincerely hope you will find our website informative, enlightening and most of all a source of support and hope.


    As a mother of two daughters, I know that we all wish our children will grow, develop and flourish in life with the least amount of challenges.  However, for children who may have developmental or learning differences, the importance of early intervention cannot be overstated.  As the director of the Full Potential Resource Center, I know from years of experience working with children of all ages, that early intervention may ensure a timely and more effective treatment of the problem. Most importantly in some cases early intervention allows the child the opportunity of correcting the problem before he or she  realizes anything is different or even needs to be changed.


    I and my experienced staff at the Full Potential Resource Center have devoted ourselves for over 30 years to creating a caring, sensitive and appropriate environment to professionally approach, evaluate and, when necessary, treat developmental difficulties. I want to assure you that you will be in great hands that are open to embracing and helping you and your family. If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me, either by email or telephone, so that I can be there for you.


Remember, we are in this together.




"We are in this together"

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