Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

2. What kinds of speech and language disorders affect children?

3. At what age should I seek out help for my child?

4. What are the warning signs of a communication disorder in my young child?

5. What is a receptive language disorder?

6. Is my child showing signs of a receptive language disorder?

7. What is an expressive language disorder?

8. Is my child showing signs of an expressive language disorder?

9. Is my child showing signs of Autism?

10. What is a Social Pragmatic Language Disorder?

11. Is my child showing signs of a social-pragmatic language disorder?

12. Is my child's "stuttering" normal?

13. What can I do to help my child's dysfluencies at home?

14. What is an articulation disorder?

15. What is a phonological disorder?

16. What are some signs of an articulation/phonological disorder in my child?

17. How can I help improve my child's pronunciation at home?

18. What happens during Speech-Language Evaluations?

19. What is a Treatment Plan?

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